Monday, March 10, 2008

Irish Rover 5K

I almost didn't post my picture at the finish. I am not impressed with my form here, though I did kick pretty good and tied the girl with the yellow coat in front of me. See that crowd way behind me? I passed them after the turn onto Spring only a half mile back.

Dana and I both hoped to beat 24 minutes. Congrats to Dana as he did great and beat me by 36 seconds. Funny as I think back now, I feel I could have picked it up more and gotten a better time. It is so easy to think that the next day.

It was very cold as the wind was wailling and seemed to blow right through my many layers. The start was very slow, I should have started more up front. It took us 20 seconds to reach the start line, So I figured my net time to critique my fitness level.

Overall, even though I did not beat 24 minutes, I felt real good and very strong the whole race. The start was fun as I bobbed and weaved my way through the crowd of runners giving me the feeling of speed.

The hill was no problem though I did have a lot of people pass me. I passed a bunch back after the crest and was able to recoup fast. I did not monitor my time but felt like I was running strong and judging by the way I was passing, I felt I was running a sub 24 easily.

The wind blew me back as I rounded the corner onto Spring and I used runners to block it some. I continued passing people and felt winded but good. My kick was acceptable and I passed a bunch of runners at the end.

Overall I am happy with my performance and look forward to some speed training before the Safe Passage race. My splits: 7:53 1st mile, 7:42 (picked it up after hill), 7:50 (into the wind), 7:10 kick.

I think I did all the right things leading up to this race. I definately felt the conditioning from the long runs as I could have maintained this pace for a longer period of time. Now I will concentrate on some speed workouts and see what happens.

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BCWritergal said...

wahooo buddy! Super cool new bloggy thing. Great pics and you sound like a runner... hey you ARE a real runner! I didn't know you only started 6 years ago, okay since I am like...ummm 4 years younger I can still squeeze in yah think?

Happy blazing!