Friday, March 21, 2008


I had planned on running a pretty fast tempo run outside last night. Somehow I couldn't force my wimpy body outside and opted for a treadmill run instead.

I filled my head with various was cold, windy, wet, a lot of traffic and my hams were a little lame (either from the heavy speed workout or the hydraulic ram job I did at work)

Anyway, it didn't take much convincing to send me down to the workout room instead of hitting the road. I decided to just do an easy run. As it turned out I actually incorporated a little speed into the run and ended fairly satisfied with the workout. So a five mile tempo run.

This morning my hams are still quite lame..the right a little worse than the left. I don't think it was from the 8x 400s the other night....pretty sure it was from the bending over working on the hydraulic rams and lifting.

This is not normally what I do but the shop was shy manpower and things have to get done.
I will rest tonite and get a long run in this weekend.

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