Thursday, March 6, 2008

I guess I am a trail runner

As I labor through the snow with snowshoes flailing, I think of spring.
I find myself longing for the wind in my face as I barely miss a tree and negotiate the twisting trail. I dream of that exact moment. What is it about the woods, a field, a rarely traveled path?
Is it merely the unknown as the next corner approaches or the radiating smell of the woods?

The sun peeks around the trees and the winds force is diminished as these tall demons stand in defiance of natures forces. I find myself in love with the tranquil feeling but also in awe of nature......I love being there, part of the process, yet fighting it at the same time.

It seems everything is working to stop me. The wind pushes, the mud grabs, the trees and bushes stand in the way, the rocks loosen my footing, the rain blurs my vision, the ground reaches up and tries to force me down, yet the trail run would be as boring as the slapping sound of my feet on tar with out them.

I love trail running.............. I am a trail runner!!

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