Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ran on the tread mill AGAIN last night. Well I could have run was not too cold but a little windy.....but I got home late and supper was ready and ...I just didn't feel like dressing up and going out.

I felt very tired on the workout..planned on speed intervals but ended up with a 3.1 tempo, a 1 mile tempo and then a 1.5 mile cooldown.. Oh I worked pretty hard and squeezed out a good kick at the end of each....but not really a speed workout.

I managed 8 min mile pace as an average with kicks down to 7 min. I should be doing much better than that right now. 1 month and I have another 5k. I have a feeling I won't get a PR there. I just can't seem to get the speed going.

I am leaving tomorrow for a vac in Fla....perhaps some outdoor running down there will recharge me. I feel I have to revert back to my trainning in 02 and 03 where I ran mostly 3 to 5 mile tempo with big kicks at the end. That may be the only way to get my speed back.

I have to keep in mind though that I need to keep the distance up for the 25K X-country in May.
I expect that to be tough. Once I get past that, I will see how I feel about a longer X-country or a marathon this fall.

Thinking way too far ahead...I need to concentrate on my 5k in April..........And track starts up right after........looking forward to that.

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