Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taking it easy


The pouring rain through the day left a discouraging feeling in me as I was planning an easy run after work. Though I am no stranger to running in the rain, I wanted and easy run and a chance to enjoy it.

As luck was apearantly on my side, by 5:30 the rain had completely disapeared. I wanted in the worst way to head over to Bradbury and run part of the bruiser course.
I knew better though as I would surely end up working too hard and hampering my race this weekend.

Instead I stopped at Pineland. I set up virtual racing buddy at 11 minute mile pace as a means to help me run easy. I headed out with the speed of a lost turttle.
The trail was very wet and even though the rain had stopped there was running water everywhere.

I somehow settled into a very slow pace. My plan (besides running with virtual buddy) was to keep my Heart rate between 135 and 145. Each time I neared 145 I would power walk to get the heart rate down. Funny how it didn't always co-inside with the hills.

The run ended up being very enjoyable once I convinced my brain that was all it was getting. I only wish I had brought my camera with me. It felt a little strange not gasping for air and knowing I had the capability to talk with ease (even though I had no one to talk to)

I felt good and easy to keep going after the 5K mark. I didn't feel tired at all and was really starting to enjoy the run. I fould myself thinking I should do this more often.

For the first time I can remember, I actually had to speed up a couple times to get my heart rate back up to the 140 mark which was the average I was shooting for. So at 135 I would pick up the pace and at 145 I would walk. This worked quite well and I felt good.

I spent some time thinking about the Pineland 50k and that this pace and style of running is probably just right for that distance. I find myself thinking about that distance a lot and I really want to attempt it. On the other hand, I struggled with the last third ot the 25k so perhaps it would be smarter to run that again and master that first.

The thing is, that I didn't really fail at the 25k. As a matter of fact, I felt pretty darn good and up until the quads cramped up I was on top of the world...I was feeling very good about the race. Where I failed was either in not training enough on the type of trail at Pineland,not enough endurolytes or perhaps a combination of the two. I think the down hills are what affected me in the end.

I think I had the base miles and was in good enough shape, just not experienced at that distance for trail running. I have all winter to train for the 50k and as long as I pull off some good long runs before May of 09 I should do fine. well that settles it...the 50k it is.

At the finish, I ran 6 miles, an average pace of 10:27. My average heart rate came in at 139 so just about right. My peak was 159 due to my kick at the end of the run....I just had to do it just to bleed out the cobwebs of the slow run and give my brain a little satisfaction.

I will do one more run this week of an easy nature then rest for Sunday. I am sure I will struggle a little more than planned as I still have this stupid cold. It will surely not stop me from running though.

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