Wednesday, September 24, 2008

leading to nothing

Setting my sites on winter running.....


I am officially leading up to nothing. Sounds crazy huh? I have no real running plans (in the short term) right now. Feels kinda empty and hollow. I have downgraded the Pathfinder race from race to participating (assuming I don't have to work).

I had hoped to race it as my last official gig before surgery but I just don't seem to have the speed and the right ankle (well the tendon band that runs across the top of the ankle) is still acting up. I guess I worked it over pretty good at the Bruiser.

Ran 3.7 @ Pineland...started easy and picked it up each mile to a semi kick at the end. I felt pretty good overall but the ankle would interfere when I landed wrong or tried to push off the toe for more speed. I did finish with a 8:20 kick so not extremely slow. Normally when running this short of a distance I would cruise at 7:50-8:00 pace with a kick od 7:10 or so.

After surgery (6 weeks or so they say but probably sooner I think) I will start working on a long base to increase through the winter in prep for the Pineland 50K
I really do not know what to expect but feel I gained enough knowledge from the 25K, the Bradbury runs and the 12 miler to give me a direction.

I hope to find someone training for the 50k that could work with me or even perhaps run with. Right now though it is early, I think I will plan on a race pace average of 11-12 minute. Don't know if that is feasable yet but it gives me a place to start.
I would love to think I could run faster but at this point I think that pace is realistic.

I set my sights too high at the 25K as I planned on 9:30 pace which I maintained through 10 miles but the last 5 slapped me silly and I ended up at 10:50 pace and damn close to not finishing. I don't want that to happen again. So far I have never had a DNF.

I learned a lot before the 12 miler and started that race a lot slower. Though I didn't run the time I hoped for, I did finish strong and was able to pick it up the last two miles (even though I was on the O trail) to a decent speed and kick the last 2 tenths.

Pineland run
3.7 mi @ 34:55
splits 10:05, 9:40, 8:57, 8:44, (8:20Kick) Heart rate 149 average with 168 max

1 mile easy run @10:10 pace
1/2 mile cooldown. No swimmimg tonite (closing the pool this weekend boo--hoo)....did warm shower instead.

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