Monday, September 22, 2008

Multi purpose muscles

September 21 2008

7 am and it was a little chilly very similar to yesterday but perhaps a tiny bit warmer. It seemed strange to be thinking layers and even gloves. I actually had runnung pants laid out and ready for this mornings run.

I ended up just wearing the shorts and a long sleeve shirt which was actually perfect. I was bummed as I forgot the Garmen at work which leaves me with out Heart rate information and also a milage reading that helps me decide which is more acurate, the Garmen (reads short in the trails but close on the road)or the Nike (reads long in the trails but close on the road).

So I ran with just the Nike and for some reason it read what I feel is short. I ran a combo of tar, dirt and trails mixed with some pretty good hills. When I started out, I realized the multipurpose muscles were fine. These are the ones that overlap from golfing to running.

Yes....I found out there are some overlap muscles and because I have only golfed once this year, I used some dormant muscles too. These muscles continuosly whinned about the run and tried to convince me to go back home and sit in front of the TV.
They lost and I rewarded them with a nice cool dip in the pool upon my return. That woke them up a bit as the pool was a mere 64 degrees.

I ran two trails, the pit loop and the mushroom loop. Both were very nice and it reminded me why I love trail running in the fall. The mushroom loop starts about 3/4 way up a great training hill called Oakhill. As I approached it, I saw a woman running up it so I tried catching her and even though I ran to the top, I just was out of room.

This hill is a real tough one and works well for solid hill training. I crested the top turned around and hit the mushroom trail. This trail is fairly easy and a lot of fun to run. When I came out of the trail, my course brought me back by the begining of Oakhill and at the very top I am pretty sure I saw the same woman cresting. Wow...she appearantly was doing hill repeats ....I was quite impressed. I have thought many times about doing repeats there but never seemed to do it.

So I ran 6.5 miles (or so) and felt good about the run. I did have some real noticable pain in the right ankle. I think due to the golfing yesterday. Oh, by the way, I know I complained about missing a run because of the tourneyment but actually I had a great time golfing, met up with a bunch of old friends and had a great meal....nuff said ..... The dip in the pool felt very good on the muscles though I think it dropped my core temperature at least 20 degrees!!

6.5 miles @9:25 pace
40 degrees and brisk.

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