Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New trail


I found a new trail while running Oakhill. Actually a series of short trails. The Town Farm loop runs off Oakhill and intersects with the Railbed Connector. On the opposite side of Oakhill is the Sam Ristich nature trail. All together I ran about 4 miles.

Odd tree roots (above)

A Beaver Dam (above)

Oakhill (left)

I planned a cross country run today but wanted something different.I remembered the last time I ran Oakhill (where I do hill workouts....very steep and long) I saw a sign at the beginning of a small trail. It read Town Forest Trail. I thought I would hit the hill first and then try out the trail.

I started out on the right side of the loop which was pretty much down hill and semi technical. A well laid out trail that had few protruding obsticles but twisted around trees and had bumpy terrain. About halfway around the loop I came across The Railbed Connecter. This was a little tougher terrain with douple log bridges looping about and a set of steps up one steep hill. Then it opens up to an old railroad bed witch I ran for about 3/4 mile to an open field.

I could have explored more but decided to return and see what my milage was after the rest of the loop. On the return I heard a huge splash near a bog area. This was very loud and surprised me. I stopped and could see the ripples in the water.

At first I thought a tree must have fallen in the water but then I saw a beaver swimming. He (I guess it was a he) stopped on the left side of his Dam and as he turned he flapped his paddle of a tail created another huge splash which sent him under water.

I didn't realize that beavers did this. It was amazing how large and loud the splash was. I guess it might be a defense mechanism to ward off preditors as he did it when I was running by. I watched him swim around a bit then continued my run.

I tried a couple other open spots off the railroad bed but they ended nowhere and I had to double back. I could see that horses had been around and assumed some people had been using this trail for riding.

I found the Railbed trail and headed back to where I came. This time finishing the TownForest loop. This was a great trail and I figure about 1.75 miles. It was then that I noticed a sign across the street. It read Sam Ristich Nature trail. So I hit that one.

Ths trail agin was beautifully marked and ended up behind the Memorial School in North Yarmouth. This was a little more rooty and had more obstructions to negotiate. I liked this trail as it had some pretty good training spots with steep hills, stairs, a rivine, and some spots where I could open up and sprint.

All together I ran about 4 miles. This trail is only a mile from my house and I didn't even know it was there. I plan on running this some more. I will surely check out who Sam was and why they called him The mushroom guru.

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Jamie said...

Always nice to find nearby trails. I wonder if Sam being the mushroom guru is connected to the 60s in any way?