Friday, September 12, 2008

A Great Run


I had a great run at Twinbrooks. It is such a good place to go for a little speed/ trail work as it is quite wide, smooth and easy (for trail running). I ran the H loop first and then hit the field to the A loop and continued from there.

I planned on about 3.5 miles of speedup type running but not race pace. The place was hopping and there were runners, walkers, bike riders everywhere. I passed a couple easy runners and noticed a bunch of guys who were either racing or running intervals. As I rounded a corner, I saw a woman running the other way who looked quite familiar but I was going the other direction so I didn't check it out.

I followed the fast guys for a while but was unable to catch even the slowest one. I lost site of them and had no idea which way they turned. As I rounded a corner, I heard some comotion behind me. I just barely started to turn and look back when the leader flew by me and then three more behind him.

I felt like I was standing still as the remainder of the pack zipped by me. These guys were surely moving. I tagged onto the rear runner for a short ways and finally backed off as I was getting too winded for the workout I planned.

I kept going and ended up passing the woman I saw earlier. She was coming the other way so I could see her face clearly this time. It was the mother of a girl that went to school with one of my son's. They were on the track team together. That is why she looked so familiar. I didn't stop and talk to Lisa, I just waved on the way by. I wished I had turned around and talked to her for a while. I havn't talked to very many old tracksters in a while, would have been nice to catch up on things.

Near the end of my run, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the fast guys again. They were not moving fast anymore. Jockingly I mentioned that they must have had to slow down after putting in so much effort to pass me....HAHA! Yeah if only I was in that league!

Anyway, the run was very satisfying, not too hot out and no bugs what more could one ask for.

3.6miles 30:40 8:30 pace 150 av HR and a peak of 169 (kick)
I had negative splits and a pretty satisfying kick.
8:37, 8:27, 8:08, 6:39

Ran a half mile coldown @9:35 pace along with a half mile walk.

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