Friday, September 19, 2008

Pefect Running Weather

Matt ---My oldest son


What perfect running weather! I ran a real nice four mile loop (3.7) with my son. He was kind enough to slow down to my recovery pace. I wasn't sure about the ankle at first but it only bothered a little during the first mile and then a bit as I picked up to a semi kick in the end.

We started on tar for the first mile, dirt for part of the second and hit a nice trail then the last mile back on tar. It is a nice loop with a few hills to help get the heart rate up.

In the beginning I experienced the same problem as the Bruiser. I had a high heart rate spike in the first two minutes. I am not sure what causes that. It happened three of four times during the 12 miler.

I know that an elivated HR means your body is tired or not fully recovered, but this was a spike. After the spike 240...about 30 seconds later it went to normal and hugged the 159 range. Usually my max is around 170 maybe 174 if I really psuh it.

So, perhaps it means nothing. Through most of the run I hugged 155-159 and 163 at my kick. So A very comfortable run. I felt GREAT after. The feelings from Tuesday were completely gone and I felt uplifted.

I threw on the bathing suit after and hit the pool. Water temp was down to 66 so it was very refreshing. Couldn't get the boy (well actually a man now as he is 28 years old) to jump in.....he thought it would be too cold....I think I called him wuss or something.

I think my body temp was about 66 when I got out.....boy the air was cold. I was so refreshed though.....we will see how the ankle feels tomorrow.

3.7 miles
32:12 ... 8:50 pace
splits: 9:07, 9:20 hills, 8:57, 7:46, (7:20 kick)

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