Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Hate This Feeling

The reflection in my minds eye of how I feel inside.


I hate this feeling. You know the one I am talking about. I have a race coming up this weekend and for me it will be a fairly long and tough race. I am not worried about it as I have run this particular course and the distance (not racing of course).

My next closest X-country trail race was the 25k at Pineland Farms which I could have trained better for. I ran a great 10 miler that day and struggled for the last five. Reguarless of my condition at the finish line, I thoroughly enjoyed the race.

As with most races, it is just as important to taper properly as it is to train properly. When the last week or two arrive the brain and the body rebel as they both have settled into a rhythm. After many weeks of cramming runs and squeezing workouts in, it is hard to suddenly travel a different path.

That is the feeling I don't like. During the training weeks you keep plugging along and if the schedule is interupted for any reason, you merely just adapt and keep going. It doesn't affect the outcome too much as long as you pay attention to the overview.

During taper your brain wants to continue and your body suddenly feels unready. You scream internally to get out there and train,train,train........ There is suddenly a threshhold you think you have not crossed and if you don't get there you are not going to do well.

One last long run, more tempo and speed work as there are only a few days left. You just don't feel like you have covered all the bases. You don't feel rested and surely not ready. On top of that, I have contracted a cold which is very unusual for me. I hope I am past it by Saturday.

It is raining pretty heavy today. I have not decided where I will run tonite. I should keep it easy I suppose. Just an easy 3 or 4 miles and try to keep myself from a huge kick at the end. Perhaps I need one of those retractable dog leashes and a strong person holding the other end?

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