Friday, April 17, 2009

Squeezed in a run


Got home late today but still had time to squeeze in a short run. I was not sure how my left calf would feel as it had been pretty tight all day. I really didn't want to take another day off so I figured what the hell, it's only a few miles.

I decided to run my "pit loop" which is mostly trail and about three miles. I like this loop, it has some technical aspects and a decent long hill in the second mile but is flat for the last .6 mile which allows for a fast and strong finish.

I started quite slow to warm up and settle in but knew in the back of my mind I would end up running faster as I always do on this loop. This is the first time this spring running it. I found a lot of obstructions like branches to negotiate and suprisingly still some small patches of lingering snow.

I did ok with a finishing time of 25:40 not bad for an easy run but quite a ways from my best of 20:39 .....perhaps in a couple months I will be back in that speed range. After the 50K I plan on speeding things up a bit to prepare for the Beach to Beacon race.

3 miles (mostly trail)
25:40---(8:33 pace)
av HR 156 .... max 164

8:13 (7:29 kick)

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middle.professor said...

Hi Kevin - hope you can make it to Blackstrap Heaven tomorrow morning. The weather may be deteriorating but not our fun! - Jeff