Friday, April 24, 2009


My plan today was to rush home after work and get a good solid...semi fast 5-7 miler in, then rest friday for preparation of a long trail run Saturday........I got the rushing home part down pat but schedules are prone to change.

My wife met me at the door.....she was super hungry and had not planned any supper yet....hmmnn...."could this be a hint?" I pondered. I couldn't remember what the married edicate book said for this situation so I countered with, "hey you want to go for a short run before eating?"

She re-countered with "I am too hungry, I want something soon." (apparently she read the book)

I am thinking this is one of those life altering decisions. The right move here will set the stage for the next few days.....was it so important that I get this 5 mile run in? Is this one of those times that I should and need to compromise?

Do I run my life or does running run it? It would be so easy if my wife had the same passion as me. I am not complaining though as she has been very supportive of my 3 and 4 hour loss of whole weekend days, her eating supper while I clock in a few quick miles.

Not only that but she has started running and being the early stages, she is running 2 miles at a time and mostly 2-3 times a week......the bug is starting to take hold and it is only a matter of time before it grabs hard and changes her life as she now knows it....I suppose I can wait.

So....I suggest house of pizza for a sandwich and beer.....hhmmmnnn my brain does like the thought of a beer. She doesn't hesitate very long and the next thing I know I am chowing down on a chicken parm sandwich and enjoying a cold one...or two.... plan, I will rush home Friday night and pop off a quick (but not to strenuous)run.....yeah that's a good plan and it would make for good training on Saturday...running double days with one being a long run. all makes sense now and the beer was pretty darn good.

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