Monday, April 27, 2009

20 miles at Pineland uggg!


Though I original plan was to do my long run yesterday with the Trail Monsters, Because there was a prediction or rain showers for Sunday, I decided to uncover the pool and get some yard work done and run Sunday that point a little rain wouldn't affect me.

My plan was to run at least 4 1/2 hours and possible 5 hours if I felt good. The was a big question in my mind about the 5 hours because I ran a 4 hour trail run last weekend and I used a lot of energy with Satudays work. Even as I started this run, I could feel the tired muscles.

The first 2 hours went very well, I started a bit slower and walked more. I was in no hurry as I wanted to get that 4 1/2 in. I was suprised that there was more wetness and mud than last weekend, esspecialy after yesterdays hot sunny weather.

I should have known that the fun wouldn't last and in hour three I started fadding fast. Suddenly I couldn't seem to get comfortable walking or running and the downhills started causing some tweeking in the quads.

As I finished hour three, I was hoping desparately for a second wind, which never came. I found myself looking forward to the walk to relieve the running and looking forward to running to relieve the walking. Surely the walking muscles were very tired today. the downhills were bothering my quads so much that I started spreading the stride and semi sprinting which actaully felt pretty good.

Near the end of the fourth hour I just couldn't find a comfortable pace walking or running...I just wanted to stop completely. I trudged along knowing that I would not make five hours but still hoping to reach the 4 1/2.

Finally the brain began to give up and realize that the muscles would just plain not support and more trail running, so I quit and labored back to my truck. Though discouraged, I did aqccomplish a second 4 hour long trail run in as many weeks.

With the race only four weeks away, I find myself questioning my capability to run 31 miles. The four hour mark seems to be my breaking point right now. I am out of time now for any change in training. I will have to hope for a bit of luck and an exceptional effort at the race. Perhaps if I taper well I will have a bit extra in the tank.

20. miles @4:19:15
Damn tired today!
The only noticable difference between this and last week is that my downhill speeds were faster and my heart rate was considerably lower this week? Well besides the fact that I bonked big time.


RunninRob said...

You and I are in the same boat Kevin! Sounds to me like we both experienced our body's natural way of telling us to back off a little. My next post will be about such things, but I think you need to step back a little. Your base and training seem excellent, so I wouldn't worry as much about getting 4 1/2 - 5 hours, as much as I'd worry about making sure you arrive to PF with fresh, nicely rested legs. I'd say take two days completely off, work back into it with some moderate running, and stay away from anything that might deplete or damage. Not sure how long of a taper you had planned, but something tells me your body needs a breather.


Tim Doiron a.k.a "Derv" said...

We all of runs like that, how was your fueling for the run? I can see the yard work on the day before impacting your energy levels but do you think fueling had any impact?

Laurel said...

That sounds like it was a good effort. When you push through those runs where you don't feel so good, it is good mental training.

Dan said...

Kevin, Two 4 hour runs on consecutive weekends is damn good. You'll be fine at Pineland. Like Rob said, take 2 days off before the race and rest your legs. That means NO yard work too!