Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Decent Run...Finally!


Well I thought about it all day as my plan was to finally get in a decent run since surgery.I didn't run Monday night not because it was my normal scheduled day off but I had to repair my mom's car and deliver it back to her. So tonight is the night.

I decided to run a double 3.2 loop so I could compare to two weeks ago (before surgery) It is a good training loop with 4 rolling hills, some dirt and tar surface, a long gradual incline with a gradual decline.

This allows me to monitor mile pace and at the same time compare loop time. The last time I ran it, I ran negative splits and felt very strong at the end with a time of 51:24 (no stopping between loops)

Tonight was a bit different, I ran positive splits and felt quite fatigued at the end. My first loop was very close in comparison to the last run but my second loop fell way off and at the same time my heart rate was much higher this time. I guess this tells me that I am still recovering so I am not too upset. My time of 52:45 is not that much slower.

After the second loop I stopped long enough to catch my breath from the kick then continued at a somewhat slower pace to finish off the whole run at 7.5 miles. I felt very good at the slower pace of 9:48, which helped me feel better about the positive splits.

It was perfect Tee shirt weather at 50 degrees and sunny. There were a couple open spots though that the wind picked up and was a tiny bit chilly. I felt very good about this run as I wanted to stop after the fist loop but was able to push myself to comtinue and still tack on an extra mile.

7.5 miles @ 1:03:31----(8:28 av pace)


3.2 @26:06---(8:09 p) Heart rate...157-173(two weeks ago 26:00)
3.2 @26:39---(8:19 p) kick@7:06...HR...158-164( two weeks ago 25:24)
1.1 @10:46---(9:48p)

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