Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm "on the wagon"


Had surgery yesterday, for 4 1/2 hrs I was sleeping away as drills were churning and pumps were sucking. This was a pretty long time coming as I had an industrial accident last year and lost many of my teeth.

The drilling was to set implants into the jawbone and within a few months, there will be new teeth mounted on them. Unfortunately there were a couple problems and it seems though I thought this would be the last surgery (other than mounting the teeth), but it looks like there may be a need for more.

Anyway, I am not going to run much, maybe a couple miles Saturday and Sunday (easter) I will be out of I guess I am "on the wagon" for this week...I will call it a recovery week.


Sparkplug said...

Feel better! And don't worry about not running for a few days. Your body will probably be happy for the rest!

middle.professor said...

Good luck with that recovery. Applesauce and ice cream?

Laurel said...

Take it easy and let your body heal. Enjoy a little rest for a change!

RunninRob said...

Hopefully a quick recovery Kevin! The oral surgeon has been bugging me about getting all four of my wisdom teeth extracted... boo! Not a big fan of the dentist, period. I hope the drills and the suction were all metaphorical sounds and you were happily out for the procedure - awake during dental procedures is my personal hell!

Drusy said...

Yeouch! Take care and DON'T be tempted to run! Find a really good book and enjoy the break