Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feeling Fresh?

Last week I ran a total of 4 miles and that was on a treadmill.....sounds crazy doesnt it? Most runners I converse with ran all kinds of miles and many ran some fun and fantastic trail races.

I feel left out and deep inside (even though I do have an excuse), I feel like I let myself down in a way. Yeah, I can say my body received a much needed rest as I have been stepping it up a bit in the last month, but my brain thinks I should have done something ....some type of other workout rather than running.

I could have biked or worked out with weights....but instead I just didn't feel like doing anything. It is almost as though I used the surgery excuse to be lazy.
I suppose the recoup was harder than I thought and I needed the rest but how do I convince myself of that.

Somehow it seems I have lost something...perhaps the edge on my training and I guess I fear this week off will set me back in some way. It may be the simple fact that the 50K is coming up real quick and I don't feel ready for it.

It is so difficult to be ready for something you have never done...... I can't predict how I will feel.....wether I can finsh at all. I can only hope I have trained well enough and run smart enough to accomplish the task.

I am running tonite and I suspect I will feel much better after finishing my run and realizing I have not lost anything because of a week with no running. I guess I just have to get that behind me.


Laurel said...

Every time I have to take some time off from running I start wondering, did I really need to take it off or was I just being lazy? I'm not lazy and neither are you! So it's silly to even wonder, but we runners are a driven bunch so we do. A little time off between good training never hurt anyone. You'll be stronger and healthier because you let your body heal.

Tim Doiron a.k.a "Derv" said...

I look at "rest" as a critical part of my training plan and that they are just important to stick to as a 7 mile tempo run. It took me a long time to realize that I got more out of not running on Monday so I could rest then I did by going out and running and then over training and getting injured. So I put the rest day on my calendar and stick to it just the same as if it was a 7 mile tempo run. If I could only put everything in my life on my Buckeye calendar life would be easier. Wait a minute, my wife would start adding my "honey-do-list" to my next training schedule. I can see it now, "run 5 miles at MP+30 and paint the spare bedroom at MP-10"...