Friday, January 2, 2009

Warm wimpy training

January 1

I kept my promise to my wife and took her out to breakfast. We went to ColeFarms and I must say it was quite enjoyable. It has been a long time since we last went out for breakfast. The place was not busy at at and actually was a peaceful meal...I realized how much I love their home fries.

So, you have probably figured out that I didn't get out for a morning run. I hate that because I always have problems scheduling a run later in the day as other things arise (my personal priorities are not always top of the list, I really must get my wife out running.) The next thing you know it is nighttime and excuses tend to materialize out of thin air.

After breakfast we went to L L Beans, I wanted to look at snowshoes and she was just plain happy to be shopping. We had to park quite a ways away from the store and the cold shivering walk in that brisk wind convinced me to look at more adequate coats.

The one I usually wear is pretty warm but today it was struggling to keep me comfortable. I have been talking about a new coat but never seem to convince myself to buy one. Today I was encouraged by a shivering jaw to at least look.

I wanted something waterproof, breathable, extremely warm, not to heavy with plenty of pockets for all my stuff when out snowshoeing. What I had in mind was something a person might wear snowboarding or skiing.

I am so hard to buy for and spent a long time trying on coats, looking for the right color and convincing myself to spend the money. I changed my mind so many times. I found one I liked that they didn't have in my size, I found another in my size but an undesirable color.

Finally I found the right coat. Waterproof, breathable, good for 40 below, fairly light, plenty of pockets (including one with a special goggle wiping rag inside)and a color I could live with. I actually wanted gray or black but settled for a dark red (my wife pointed out that I would be more visible to the snowmobilers) It was exciting and I put the thing on immediately.

I was anxious to get home and throw on the snowshoes. This coat was going to be great! I didn't look at new snowshoes as I spent so much on the coat. I guess that will have to wait. I was anxious to get home and hit the trails out back, unfortunately we didn't land back at the house untill almost dark, there would be no snowshoeing today.

I don't have a problem straping on the headlamp and running in the dark, but my wife worries if I am out in the woods alone at night. I suppose I can understand as many things can happen. So, I hit the treadmill as I had to get some type of run in.

I decided to continue working on some form of training related to ultra trail racing. I ran the first 5K at a tempo pace starting at 9 minute pace and ending at 7 minute pace. A pretty good run and ending with an 8:35 average pace.

after the 5k I immediately ran an easy one mile @ 10 min pace, then a 20 minute walk/run on 10% grade and 3.5 mph. The hill training was a tough workout as the 3.5 speed is a perfect speed. Too fast to walk comfortably and too slow for a normal jog.
The transition from walk to run and back was awkward at best.

An easy cooldown jog and my brain was as satisfied as it could be for an indoor run.
I will have to wait till this weekend to test out my coat.

5K 4% grade and 5-7 speed (8:35 Pace 7 minute last mile.)
1 mile easy 5% grade(10:00 p)
1.25 mile hill training 10% grade(not sure of pace but was sweating pretty good)
.50 cooldown

5.85 total miles.

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