Friday, January 23, 2009

hill workouts

Jan 22, 2009

Ran hill workouts on treadmill
ran a 5k at 7% grade starting with a walk on 3 mph and speeding up until I reached
6 mph still at 7% grade.

It actually worked out quite well and I ended up will almost a hlf hour hill running
3.1 miles @ 29:52 9:37 average pace 7% grade
Last .1= 7:21 kick.

I then put the grade up to 10% and 3.5 speed then fast walked a mile while working out with 3lb hand weights to work the core and upper body. This worked quite well as I was more out of breath and sweaty than the run.

Total hill workout 4.1 miles then a half mile cooldown.

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middle.professor said...

Nice. Hill workouts will get get you in race shape quickly! Good job!