Monday, January 12, 2009

slow week

Jan 7, 2009
Not much to report other than a dull 5 mile run on the treadmill
5% grade 4.5 mph
Did experience a very tight and bothersome right calf.

Jan 9 2009
Went to Rangeley and stayed at Bean's camp for the weekend.

Full moon

Lake shot (see that little island out there the one to the left?)

Our cabin taken from the lake.

I walked about 3/4 mile across the lake to an island with this Aframe camp on it. I'll bet it is real nice in the summer.

Leaving Sunday in snow storm.

The inside was warm and cozy.

Beautiful shot of the mountains.

I did get in a 3.5 mile snowshoe workout. It took me about an hour with a temp of 5 degrees. The cabin sure felt nice when I returned. The right calf and archilles was a bit sore though.

I can't say I had a very productive week for running but sometimes it is good to just take a break and relax. I did start a book Saturday morning and finished it Sunday night. I could have gone for a run when I got home Sunday afternoon....but I didn't.... perhaps it was good to rest the calf a bit.


middle.professor said...

Great pictures with your new camera. Rangeley has great skiing (both xc and downhill) in the winter and awesome fishing in the summer. Good spot! And I think that cabin would be better in the winter - no boat needed!

Dan said...

Looks like a great place to relax. Now I want to take a vacation. :-)

RunninRob said...

Amazing scenery, that is why I love Maine so much, especially the North and the West, as it hasn't been ravaged by yuppies like the Seacoast :-).

Don't feel bad about taking it easy this past week, it looks like one of those weeks coming up for me with the snow and the cold forecast. Oh well, maybe I need to quit complaining and put on my tough pants :-).

BCWritergal said...

great pics skister! I can see how come you loved it there!