Monday, January 19, 2009

It Snowed!

The roof on the "instant garage" next door shows the extent of this storm. Glad I decided to clean it off.

The Virgin soft snow made it near impossible to run, even on snow shoes.

Sunday morning I planned a long road run in prep for the cape 10 miler. After a long discussion, the general concensus was to run inside today. Well, Ok my wife wouldn't let me go out. She had this long spu about the recent surgery (last Wednesday)and not being healed enough....bla..bla... bla. and what if something happened... anyway in the interest of peace, I decided it would be much safer to run inside.

In the back of my mind though, I planned on getting out on snow shoes in the afternoon.

I figured if I was going to run inside, I would make it relatively dificult and spent a lot of time in the the 6-10% grade. By the time I ran 8 miles, I was pretty tuckered out.

In the afternoon I went out snow shoeing, Hey, I had to clean off the vehicles and the little garage roof next door as snow shoes were needed to get there. I went out back for a run first assuming I could sneak in a couple miles before cleaning off the roof and plowing the driveways.

I didn't do well as the fresh snow was so deep and there was no traffic on this trail. I got about a mile in and couldn't even run. My snow shoes sunk right down and I spent all my energy just lifing my legs.

8.28 mile treadmill 3.5% to 10% grade and 4-5 speed.
1 mile treadmill @ 10% grade (ugg)
.5 mile cooldown walk
1 mile snow shoe (kinda trying to run)

I called Saturday a cross training day as I drove to my Daughters with the big truck, my son and I loaded all her furnature then we drove to her new place and unloaded the was quite a workout. I figure about 3 hours of solid weight training along with a lot of walking. My muscles sure felt it afterward.

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Dan said...

I know what you mean about breaking virgin snow. I did 45 minutes yesterday and it nearly killed me.