Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ready to ramp things up

Jan 12,

Another indoor run on the treadmill
5% grade 4.5-6 speed
tempo run starting at 9:14 pace and ending @ a 6:55 kick.
3/4 mile cooldown
Total milage 3.75

Jan 13,

Treadmill run 4 miles tempo starting at 10:00p ending with a kick @ 7:08 pace.
I followed the tempo run with a 10% hill 1 mile run at 4 mph then a 3/4 mile cooldown walk.
Total milage 5.75 miles

I will be taking a few days off as Wed I have surgery to remove the final 6 damaged teeth from the accident. They will be putting in a temp bridge of teeth and schedule the perminant implants withing a couple months. In the mean time I actually can smile for a change.......see photo at top.

My hope is to feel well enough this weekend to get in a long run. Now that this surgey is past me, I plan to ramp things up a bit and hopefully get in some quality runs.

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