Thursday, January 22, 2009

Night run

Jan 20,

Finally got my butt out the door on a week night and enjoyed a brisk run with my son. We went to Cumberland and ran an old familiar route through town. A couple years ago we would hit main street and pop off a 3-5 mile run reguardless of the weather at least 3 nights a week.

This time is was a 3.3 loop that took us down main street to Tuttle road, around "the commons" back up Tuttle then down to Greeley and back. It is a fairly easy loop with only one hill that is relatively steep and about a half mile long.

The temp was 18 degrees and there was a fair amount of slush on the sides but averall a refreshing run. I haven't run it yet this year because my son has not been running much and I try not to run in slipery areas at night alone.

We hope to get one more night this week and perhaps add a mile or so to the route if we have time.

3.3 miles @ 29:27 (8:58 pace)
My spits: 8:56, 9:16 (hill), 8:58, 7:38
Felt real good.

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