Sunday, April 27, 2008

safe passage race

Safe Passage race, A little chilly this morning. 36 degrees. I had trouble deciding what to wear. I know it will warm up but how much in 1 hour? Did 1 1/2 mile warm up with a long sleeve shirt and running pants. ran 8:30 pace and got quite hot except for my hands. Decided to wear shorts and a sleeveless racer for a shirt.

My plan was to start relatively fast to establish a pace to settle into and pull off a good time. The first mile at 7:10 felt really good but I felt I was probably starting too fast. I thought about slowing a bit but kept pushing forward.

Mile two felt a little tougher and that is when I hit Greeley hill. On the hill I passed a couple runners and felt I would recoupe after the crest. I did get settle in and passed the two mile mark at 14:38 (7:28 for the second mile).

I was glad to be in the third mile and tried to pick up the pace a bit (3rd split 7:23). I hoped I could hold this pace as I haven't trained my speed work yet this year. As I rounded the corner to Tuttle, I felt very strong and though winded, I felt in the zone with little doubt I could continue at this pace.

Coming up the hill before the track tiredness settled in and I struggled a little. It felt great to round the corner and hit the track.....only 300 meters left. I couldn't seem to pick up the pace like I wanted and decided to wait for the last corner to hit my kick. (last .1 was 6:40P)

I slammed into my kick (6:10)and passed three people at the end. It was a great race and I felt I did everything right.....the finish time ....22:41 (7:19 pace) Very happy with that time. I had hoped to at least beat my 23:30 from last year. I wasn't sure I could do it but quite happy I did. The clothing choice was perfect.

My right hip and ham was pretty tight so I opted to walk a cooldown instead of run it. At this time I felt I would see how I felt in the morning before I decided wether to run or not.....probably not.

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