Monday, April 28, 2008

OK..So I didn't take a rest day


I was very tired all day yesterday from the race and after going to my grandaughter's dance recital, didn't get back and hit the sack until 11:30pm... I thought for sure I should call Sunday a rest day or perhaps just do an easy 3 or 4 miler in the afternoon. Decided to see what the morning plans.

Sunday morning....bam woke up at 6:30. Felt pretty good and actually not too sore or tired. Decided to hit the trails. I ran to the pit loop and planned an easy X-country run. I figured I would search around a bit and see if there were other trails to be found.

I followed one that ended at a field and a big sign that read ....access by permisson only... Oh well that is a dead end. Followed another at the pump staion and ran into a fence at the rail road track and too much water to get around the fence.

The third choice lead me to an old trail around the backside of the pit...paydirt! It looped back around to the origonal pit loop and was a nice run. I then ran down to the other pump station and found a trail that led to the first pump station. I encountered some pretty wet ground and though I got wet feet, it was not another loop to add.

I doubled back and followed a trail that led to a different spot on the rail road tracks.. This one had space around the fence and I was able to cross the tracks and keep going. This path led to Sligo road. My mind wandered as I envisioned the oppourtunity to come up with many options, from a combo road trail loop of 8-10 miles or so to a run of almost any length. Also I knew the tracks led to the begining of Sligo one way and to roue 115 the other way so I could follow the tracks all the way to rte 9, Greely road, Tuttle road and create runs of all types.

Overall I ran about 7 miles on the trails and was able to keep the pace around 9:30 so a pretty good workout that would qualify as a long run for the day. I was surprised how fresh I felt and didn't get tired until 6 miles or so. I walked a mile cooldown then sucked down a hot cup of coffee after my hot shower....overall a darn good workout.

It is amazing how much fun it is to just run where ever the trail leads. It is new and exciting nice compared to trudging down the road. is a great traffic or houses so bathroom break is a simple task.............One draw one would ever find you if something went wrong...probably a good reason to carry a cell phone...I will probably do that next time.

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