Monday, April 21, 2008

Just trying to get a run in

Sat 4/19/08

I spent all morning looking for my Redsox tickets! I remembered putting them in a safe place....and boy did I! I finally broke down and drove to work...just in case I brought them there.....well there they were and I was some relieved as I already bought the train tickets and only had two hours left before we had to leave.

I had planned to do my long run this morning but that was shot to hell because of my ability to hide things really well! I did get in a "pit loop" run and a good cooldown so I wasn't completely dissapointed. I will have to do my long x-country run tomorrow.

The train ride to Boston was really nice. It was our first time on the train and it sure was more relaxing than driving. We met my Son and went to this great place for lunch...they brew their own beer abd I got to sample a good variety of brew along with my roasted chicken/cheddar/bacon sandwitch.

From there it was a tightly packed T ride to Kenmore and an easy 5 minute walk or so to Fenway. There were so many people.....I started worrying about the return trip....The train leaves at 11:15 and with all these people.....well could be a long night!

The game was Great!! Of course the Sox won and that was good as they did not have to play the last 1/2 inning.......problem was the crowd was massive and it seemed like we didn't move for hours.....finally made it to the subway and I was so glad to get on and head back to North Station.

My happiness was short lived as the T kept shutting down...when that happened the lights would go out and everyone was pissed....finally after shutting down three times in the middle of nowhere....the conducter announced that we would not be going to North Station and everyone was getting out at Park street....only about half way there.

After getting out we fought the crowds and finally got on a car heading to North Station. I am now full of knowledge ....a full car of drunk people and a well delivered fart does not make a fun top it off, it was a girl and she was damn proud..I now know first hand what a Sardine feels like! We got off the T at was a mad dash to the train station....and my wife said she couldn't run.......she proved herself wrong....anyway to our glee....the train was still sitting there....we jumped on and in seconds it was moving....sure glad they didn't play the last half inning!!!!

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