Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally got to run!


It sucks being at the equpiment show, sunny, 60-70 degrees and I can't get a run in. But finally tonight I got home early enough to do it.

Ran a speed up 5 miler with a 1.5 mile cool down. I worked on core and form through out and tried to pick it up as I went along. Felt good and I averaged 7:55 pace with a great kick @ 5:56

Tried a new 5 mile loop that included 3 good size hills, a couple small hills, a mile or so on dirt roads and a good flat at the finish for a good kick. One large hill in the two mile and 2 in the 4 mile portion of the run...perfect placing.

I think I will run this many more times as it seems perfect for training. I might add in Oakhill (should be called killer hill)if I feel I need more hill workouts.....that will then equal about a 10k.

Either Sat or Sun depending on work, I plan on a long run x-country....I will probably do it Saturday but I hope I don't get so worn out that I can't saty awake for the ball game.
We are going down to Boston Saturday night for a sox game....looking forward to that!!

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