Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There Is Nothing More I Can Do.

Being a rankless ultra runner....(definition; A wanna be ultra runner that has not actually run an ultra yet....but is in the final training stages for a scheduled event.) I have many more questions than answers but have more than one answer to each question.

To clarify that remark, In my research, I have talked to many runners and read many blogs. From ultra veterans to newbees like myself, I have tabulated a large volume of information. This information contains many different answers to every question I have .... too many.

You see everyone is different, what works for one may not work for another. So, I have a bucket full of answers waiting for the privilage of being useful to me. The moment I find out which ones fits is the moment I fall across that finish line or the moment I am unlucky enough to have a dreaded DNF next to my name.

Being in taper right now causes me much grief. I have too much time to review and wish and wonder yet no time left to train further. Why can't I shut the brain off.....just flick that switch and breeze through the next week and a half?

In my brain, I have run this race many times and being familiar with the course at Pineland, I can close my eyes and see virtually every inch of the terrain. I can see myself enjoying the sunny day, in my vision I have no problems breathing and actually have a floating sensation as I cruise the course enjoying all that nature provides.

I can't eat too much nor drink too little, run too fast or too slow ....it's a great way to race other than the fact that there is no recognition or satisfaction invloved. I guess that is the big drawback to virtual racing.

I am looking forward to the 24th with great expectations. I absolutely plan on finishing, yet I am scared as hell, afraid to fail, to be humbled by my own inabilities. My brain is certain I will finish, I just hope my body ends up agreeing with it.


Dan said...

Knowing the course will be a big plus for you. Just don't go out too fast. It's a long race. Don't be in a big hurry!

Laurel said...

You are going to do great! I don't know why we all start to get nervous as soon as the taper starts. It must have something to do with too much time and energy on our hands from not running and training as much. Visualize away, just keep it positive!

trailgrrl said...

I have to agree that what works for one person in terms of running greater then 26 just may not work for another...I think a great deal of ultra running seems to be mental at least in terms of my own running.....my attitude is just to get out there and chase the bliss : )

I may just see you there as I am deciding in the next week to run the 50 miler if I can register the morning of : ) I am still trying to figure out if I can but unsure based on the webpage...