Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pineland trail run


Met with Ian and the trail monsters today for a dry run at pineland trails.
I planned a 1-1.5 trail run at an easy pace, but instead decided to hang with the front group for a couple miles then back off to my 140-150 zone 3 pace.

Had a couple great talks about my 50k prep while trying to keep the fast pace going. It felt good to realize that it wasn't that difficult to maintain a 8-9 pace for three miles.

We stopped.....or should I say THEY (the front group) stopped at about three miles to allow the rest of us to catch up and decide wether or not to run the tall grass.
As it turned out, most of the group went ahead to the fields and three of us skipped and hit the trails.

This worked well for me as I needed to keep the heart rate down and these two (katy and Martha) were running at a better pace for me. Actually I think they slowed down a bit to accomodate my heart rate (thanks).

I figured it made sense to keep my HR in zone 3 to keep me from over doing it and the truth is, I embraced the slower pace as I was feeling a bit tired today. I only planned 8-10 miles and didn't fuel for anything longer.

At about 6 miles I left Katy and Martha to head back to the start. Some how I managed to finish this run without giving an unwanted ride to a tick or two. I think what ever that repellant was that Ian gave me worked very well.

7.3 trail miles
1:12:17(9:55 pace)
very buggy today.
.5 mile cooldown
12:28 (hills)

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Laurel said...

Sounds like you had a good run. It's definitely tick and black fly season out there!