Friday, May 29, 2009

I had what felt like a strong finish in my first 50K Sunday. In the picture I look pretty good and I felt like I was running 100 miles an hour. In realism it was only about 8 minute pace .....compared to the 12:30 average it sure felt fast!

It sure was a highlight for me though as I was estatic by the mere fact that I not only finished but I felt good and strong. I got my cowbell and a milestone in my short running career ....(OK, not really a career, but what else would I call it?)

I ran 4 1/2 miles longer and 2 1/2 hours longer than ever in my whole life. I guess that is an accomplishment to be proud of because I implimented a training plan and it worked.

Then I felt suprisingly well the next day, hardly lame at all. Again the next day (Tuesday)I still felt good and decided to run my regular scheduled track practice. That also went well as I was quite proud of being able to run some 200 intervals at 100% (mostly) and to pull off a decent mile time trial. Again I felt a little tight and sore but overall pretty darn good.

I almost felt like something was wrong.....I ran a 50K...everyone said I would be struggling to even walk normal (which was the case when I ran my first and only marathon) yet I felt good...I figured I would not need to take anytime off and just jump right back into my normal schedule.

That was Tuesday night, now it is Friday and I haven't run since track. I am OK physically (a little tired) but I just plain haven't felt like running. Is it because of the chilly temps and constant rain for the last three days or something in my brain?

Some friends have congratulated me and asked questions like "what are you doing next? or when is your next 50k?" I try to answer but I don;t have one to give. I am signed up for some 10ks and a couple good trail races but I don't have a desire or a plan for the immediate future.

At this very moment, I have no goals .......I suppose it is good in a way as my wife was complaining pretty bad about the time I was spending training and I took time from work too.

Not the best time to drop focus at work with the economy the way it is and even the company I work for which has always been very strong, is feeling huge affects financially. Our hours have been cut and this hurts the pocketbook too.

So.... I don't know where I am at....problems at work and home combined with a bit of post race depression, The world is unsettled and now that I am not focusing on the race, I am hit hard with reality, I guess.

I plan on getting up Saturday morning and running....I hope I feel like it...I hope I want to when the time comes.....I want to PR my next race...perhaps that should be my new goal.


Ann said...

Hi Pathfinder!

It was great to have a brush with the famous! You did more than impressive at Pinelands. Just the start to a wonderful running season in Maine! Keep on keepin' on!

Ann (aka Ana, my name was spelled wrong)

Kate said...

Amazing that you felt so good! I did half the distance and was barely walking! You give me hope that the more I run, I will eventually recover faster.

Laurel said...

Wow, you look like you are really moving in that photo! Pretty impressive for the end of a 50K!