Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Running


Decided to push the cardio a bit without taxing it too much so I ran a 4 mile trail loop at a moderate pace and decent kick then transcended to a 2.5 mile easy road loop with a speed up each mile to a fair kick. This would give me a tempo/ fartlic type of semi long run. Sort of a long speed run I guess.

This type of run gives me the comfort feeling of a hard workout without actually pushing things too much and overtraining before the race. I didn't go all out on the two kicks but did push it enough to feel the speed.

While in the first mile of my trail/speed run, I was passed "like I was standing still" by a much younger and faster runner than me(he runs 5:30 splits for 10k)Boy it sure made me feel slow!

First 4 mile trail splits:
9:30 (hill)
7:41 (decent kick) then continue on 2.5 road run

2.5 mile easy road run splits
7:41 (fair kick at end)

.5 mile cooldown jog/walk

Total run 6.5 miles @56:26 (8:42 pace)
Sporadic light rain
didn't wear garmen or heart rate monitor.

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