Friday, May 22, 2009

Tapering away....really?

Monday night I went for a nice walking stroll with the wife and it did help relieve some "want to run" tension.

Tuesday nite (5 x-C miles) worked out very well and I feel I practiced good tapering etiquette. I keep the heart rate down in the 125-135 range and worked on slow running.

Wednesday nite I got the bike out (for the first time this spring) and rode (5 miles) to get my hair cut. I tried hard to keep it easy but somehow worked up quite a sweat which I don't think the hair cutting lady appreciated much. I dropped the lower half of my body in the pool after but couldn't quite convince myself to dunk completely.....didn't want my heart to stop!

Thursday nite It was extremely hot and I just had to go for a run and enjoy the weather. I assured myself that I would keep it short and slow and to help with that promise I brought my camera. I figured that would allow me to stop and take a couple pictures thus slowing down the run.

As it turned out, I ran a little faster than planned right from the start and then I decided to video the new trail I found the other day. Well, when running and videoing, one tends to not pay attention to the pace and I ended up running quite a bit faster than planned.

It was only 4 miles total though and I don't think it taxed my muscles too much though I did get the heart rate up to 159 rather than the 135 max I planned. The run was great and I was hot enough to enjoy my first (complete head to toe) dunking in the pool. The temp was only 64 degrees but it sure felt good after that hot sweaty run.

Now I only need to lay low for the next two days and not do anything too strenuos. Yeah right! How does one do that?

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RunninRob said...

LOL, they think about the 31 miles that are waiting for them on Sunday :-)