Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recap of race stats and track workout

I have finish figuring my race stats and was quite suprised to the outcome. Though I didn't follow my predictions that well, I somehow ran very even splits.

First 10 miles....predicted:..2:16:00.....Actual:..2:03:51(12:23pace)
Second 10 miles...predicted:..2:08:00.....Actual:..2:03:20(12:20pace)
Third 10 miles....predicted:..1:58:00.....Actual:..2:04:04(12:24pace)
Last mile..(hoped)predicted:.....9:00.....Actual:....12:32..with a kick@ 8:10pace

Lost 3 minutes at ten mile transition to restock and eat, 1 minute at mile 15 and 1 minute at mile 25 (to drop off Nathan vest and prep for last 5 miles)

Still trying to figure out how Ian and Eric managed to get rain for the middle part of the race (when I needed to cooldown) then bright clear sunshine for the finish....amazing huh?


Track workout tonite and I felt pretty good so I thought I would go but keep the pace slow. Come to find out, the coach had a tough workout planned along with a new mile time trial.

I wasn't sure how the leg muscles would feel so I started with an easy mile warmup @8:50 pace and that felt tight at the beginning but much better at the end.

I then ran a .36 warm up and we did anouther .36 form running. Again no real problems yet. Next was 6x200 sprints with 100 recovery@90% of last months mile time.

I planned about 8 min pace and figured that wouldn't hurt me too much. Intead I ran an average of 7 min pace and felt real good.

Then came the mile time trial which I was pretty worried about as I tend to get caught up in the moment.....a perfect time to pull a very tired muscle. I decided to run without checking splits and just go by feel. I started pretty slow but each lap I felt better and picked up the pace and ended with a very strong kick @6:22

In the end I ran a 7:07 with no real muscle problems....just a little tight when I stopped. The next planned workout was 8x400@ 100% of new mile time......I decided not to push things and skip this one. Instead I ran a mile coodown @8:51 then called it a day.

I am pretty happy with the way I felt and performed only two days after a feels good to feel good....

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