Friday, November 21, 2008

I did it again


Well I did it again...I opted for the warm lit up cellar rather than a run outside. To my defense, I got home very late and barely had time to get the run in. Actually I have yet to use my of these nights I will make it happen reguardless.

I planned another hill run and set the tread on #8 grade for the first 1/2 mile then down to 5% for the remainder of the 3 mile run. I planned negative splits and actually felt quite strong.

After the 3 mile run I kicked off a few speed intervals and then a cooldown run with hand weights. For an indoor workout, I was fairly satisfied as the core muscles felt the consequences of the workout.

That is one thing I do like about the treadmill, working the upper body with weights while jogging at a slow speed. It forces the core muscle to work similar to trail running (well except for the ankles which get no work at all).

Looks like I am not working Saturday which gives me the opourtunity to jump at a chance to run with the Trail Monsters......looking forward to that.

3 (plus) miles @27:04
1m 9:04
2m 7:56
3m 7:42
kick@ 7:35
1 mile jogging working on upperbody.

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RunninRob said...

Wow! Your treadmill sessions put my training to shame! That really is awesome being able to make the most out of an indoor run like that. I usually get 1 mile into a treadmill run and begin to think about other forms of torture that would be much more pleasant!