Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Different scenery

Tuesday (night)

The feeling was a little depressing as I opened the cellar door instead of the front door. The trip down the stairs and to the tread mill not quite as exilarating as a run outdoors.

I set up to do 3x 1mile repeats and to recalibrate my nano (new pod) with some 400s.
Again the treadmill seemed to continue it's lazy lifestyle by refusing to run properly. it reminded me of the kids when I would ask them to do something on a day when they just didn't feel like it. The apearant non understanding of my desires were prominent.

This was no different, I plugged in the treadmill and the incline just keep climbing all by itself. I hit down and it stopped climbing but then started going down and not stopping until it hit bottom. Once at the bottom it keep (trying) to go lower and not allowing the system to start up.

I fought with this for at least 10 minutes and after kicking the damn thing it miraculously started working right. The track lights suddenly blinked on and it waited patiently for my to punch in my requirements. Good thing because I was about to give up and do a bike ride instead.

I had this same problem a couple times last winter and actually chalked it up as a fluke. Now I think the darn thing is just plain getting old. Another problem I have with it, is sometimes when I set my speed (above 7) it decides I am not running fast enough and it creeps up in speed until it tops out between 9 and 10 .... you know by then I am hanging on for dear life! Everyone say "Sprint training"

Perhaps the thing is possessed or something. Anyway to get back to my workout, I started with 3 x 1 mile repeats --negative splits and during the second one I realized there was not much to look at while running. I missed the trail and all it's variety.

I do have a small 13" TV and the news was blaring (treadmill is quite loud) but I'm looking around. There is a (snap on)clock on the wall that was given to me from one of the guys at work. I had planned on putting it out by the pool but it was last christmas and I needed a clock down in the workout room so there it sits waiting for better accomadations.

The cement wall raises up 4 feet and above that is exposed insulation because of a
failed plan of a sheetrock covering (one on those someday things) A fridge sits in the corner full of nothing..... funny I planned on keeping some beer and water in there but I never seem to bring more than one bottle downstairs for a workout. It is plugged in though and biting at the bit to serve me and my family.

I noticed there is not one chair for anyone to sit in. I guess if you are not rowing, biking, working out with weights or running then you are not allowed...apearantly no room for spectators.

In the next room I can see the little orange light on the de-humidifier. I wonder how long that has been on? It indicates that the tank is full and needs dumping. I quickly remember it was on a couple nights ago too....mental note;dump the water when I am done tonite.

That particular room is completely sheetrocked and painted. It is full of all kinds of storage; bikes, old workout stuff, 4 or 5 sets of golf clubs, kids old toys, suitcases,a folding table, boots and shoes, clothing, crates full of something that seemed worth saving at the time they were packed years ago (but who knows what is in them)

I find my mind wandering, and thinking why didn't I clean out that room and put the workout stuff in there? It is completely finished. If only it wasn't so full of stuff. I guess I was just to lazy at the time to clean all that "important" things
and besides where would I put it.

Above me is unfinished, the rafters are exposed and they make a great storage space. I have all kinds of things stuck up there. three pairs of cross country skis, hockey sticks (both real and plastic), misc golf clubs that no longer belong to a complete set, A broom, misc pieces of wood trim I was saving for some reason, a couple baseball bats, two volleyball nets, a hedge trimmer, some copper pipe left over when I was replacing the water heater...then I stopped looking, my neck was getting stiff....but there is much more stuff up there.

I guess it would be easy for newcomers to see that I had kids, all their junk is still here. I should give some of this stuff away. well some stuff is mine too. I hate to get rid of it, someone might need it some day.

Well I finish my 3x1 miles then run 4 400s to calibrate my new pod. I wasn't going to calibrate it but read so far off on Sunday that my mile splits were messed up. Funny, 50 minutes went by before I knew it and at the same time I refreshed my memory of why we have cellars....we need a place to put all that junk we are not using at the time!

Just as I crested the top step and opened the door I realized I didn't dump the de-humidifier.....Oh well I'll get it the next time!

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