Friday, November 14, 2008

Trudging forward


I sat down yesterday and started devising my training plans for the spring. I will spend this late fall and winter to establish a solid cardio base for the spring. In the past I really never did this, I would take November/ December off and then crank up with as much running and snowshoeing as I could fit through the winter but not really any plan per-say.

I think I have to follow something so I don't end up starting spring with an injury or not being prepared enough for the speed workouts. I would very muck like to PR the Irish Rover 5K in the spring. It would be a good start for the year.

I thought I was doing quite well last year as I ran a half marathon in Arizona (non competetive--pacing my daughter) I ran a 10 miler in Febraury and ended up doing OK as far as pace goes and splits. I was training for the 25K X-country race at pineland.

I realize now that I didn't plan very well for last spring even though "on paper" it seems I did. One thing I have lacked in the past is good solid base miles. I would always end up running too fast and fatiguing my body.

I plan on doing better this year and part of that is running longer and slower in preparation for the Pineland 50K. I have to keep my mind off speed for a couple months and just get time in on my feet running and walking.

I assume that my entries will be geared more toward the fun I get from running rather than the excitement of how far near the front I finish or speed. This will be different for me though I have not had the speed I am used to for the last year anyway. I expect it will not bother me as much because of the type of race I am training for. I guess we will see.

I ran on the treadmill again last night. Actually I started with a few miles on the bike for warmup and then ran. Again I felt running on a higher incline allowed me to work a little harder without pushing the speed.

I finished the workout with some upper body weight work. I really enjoyed the workout as I had no expectations other than getting in some running. I like my attitude right now and am anxious to get out for a long run this weekend.

Unlike most people I talk to, I am dying for snow, I have the snowshoes cleaned up and ready to go.......Come on Snow!!!

3 miles on the bike @ 120rpms
3 miles on the treadmill 8% incline
cooldown walk.


UltraFlash said...

Sounds like a good training plan you put together. Pineland 50K in the spring is a great start to the running season. Have fun training. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Keep working for Boston, and if nothing else, it will keep you motivated. But I bet with your determination you will get there!

Trail Monster Running said...

I won't mind the snow either. I'm actually looking forward to running on the snowmobile trails at Bradbury this winter. I hope you'll join us for some long winter runs.