Monday, August 11, 2008

When Should We Listen To Our Bodies?

This image represents how I felt Sunday morning!!!!


I was excited last night about the Bradbury run. I took it easy and got to bed early. Ironic as last week I did all the wrong things before the B to B race.

I woke up dead! Well not really dead of course but my body was dead, I had a huge headace, my muscles were tired and I just plain felt horrible. I knew for sure I was not in the frame of mind to run up and down a mountain for nine miles.

I decided to mix up the perpetuim anyway, do a few stretches and see how I felt in an hour or so. I still had plenty of time to get there. I labored with the thought of going anyway. Did it makes sense to try the run? Would I feel better once I started running? Should I listen to my body?

I opted not to go because I felt for sure I would get DNF and what gain would I get from that? I decided to try a run close to home as I could easily quit if I felt I couldn't continue. I ran 5 miles, didn't enjoy it that much and felt horrible running.....Now I'm glad I didn't go to Bradbury....I guess it just wasn't my day.

Swam some laps after the run and felt a little better. I wonder if I pushed it too much to run the B last weekend, run Bradbury Tuesday, run Thursday and not really have enough time to recover. Went to bed at 9 pm and still had the headache.

I havn't missed too many scheduled races and I hate when I do. I am very disapointed
I feel I let myself down....but I suppose we should listen to our bodies when they scream...No Way!

This was going to be my last race before surgery in a week and a half.....I might try to grab a 5k to fill the void of missing this race.

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Blaine Moore said...

Sorry you couldn't make it, but listening to your body was probably a wise move.

If you want to get another pre-surgery race in, I recommend the St. Peter's 4 Miler on Friday up on Munjoy Hill. It's a fun race and while Munjoy hill isn't quite as tough to run as Bradbury, at least you get some up and down.

There's also the Breakaway 5k on Saturday, but it's in OOB. I like St. Peter's better.