Thursday, August 14, 2008


Funny the things one thinks of when swimming laps; If I had money I would buy this car!


Cross training today....that means no running. I went home and swam laps today. The sky was overcast and the air quite chilly...but the water felt great and I managed about 40 laps before supper was ready ...I dried off and watched the Redsox game.

It felt good to just swim back and forth, think random thoughts and not be responsible for anything....busy day at work today.


Drusy said...

Hey Pathfinder! Great photo in your last blog of the tree root. Did you take it? I've only been to Maine once with a boyfriend, what 37 years ago - yikes! and all I remember is the inside of a very wet tent... and the end of the relationship.

Hope your surgery is not serious and that you'll be back on the trails soon.

Your previous blog mentioned the troubles with glasses. I had lasik (one eye only, so not too scary) a few years ago and got to throw away my glasses. You might think about it.

Take care! Best regards

pathfinder said...

Hey Drusy,
Yes I took that photo on while running on the mountain. Usually, this time of year we do not get a lot of rain. Too bad you had a wet experience when you were here.

I have thought about eye surgery but quite frankly I am a little one knows the long term effect of the surgery and I think about blotched surgeries and losing the vision that I do have.

I would probably lean more towards contacts as they now have the capability to correct Astigmatism (speeling?) And I have that plus nearsightedness. I could run without glasses but would struggle to see things clearly at 15 feet away and further. so I could see the trail no problem but looking ahead would suffer.

Does you husban run? My wife does not and I would love to convince her do....well she was in a work out group at her work and they did run a mile occasionally so she did do that.