Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hill workout

Bradbury mountain.....though only a hill by mountain standards, it is still quite a climb to the summit


Well, I had to work late again so I didn't go to track. On my way home, fighting disapointment, I decided to get some hill (mountain) training and stopped at Bradbury for a run.

I ran the Northern loop to the Tote road and up to the summit, Then looped around the bluff, a little on the Terace and then back to the summit. I then went down the front Summit trail.

The down hill of the summit was tough. winding around with rocks, roots and water ..... much tougher than runing uphill. Somehow, as I neared the parking lot, I got this bright idea to run back up the summit trail. On paper it doesn't look too bad ...only .3 miles ...and it looks flat on the map!

Of course it is not flat, but at the same time, it was not that difficult (compared to what I envisioned in my mind) I made it to the top with a little energy left...darn little!

I remember when I was young, though I was not a runner, I used to run up the summit trail and then run back down completely out of control. A large goup of people (I think, the Masons or something like that) had huge picknics there and there were oodles of kids. We played softball and many other games.

While waiting for the Steamed clams, Lobsters, hot dogs and burgers, us kids would race up to the summit. Back then it was tougher because the trail went almost strait up rather than meandering like it does now. I am surprised none of the kids got hurt as we let gravity decide how fast we could decend.

It felt good to run up this trail. My memories of younger years surely helped. The air smelled fresh and the temp was bearable. There were a lot of bikers on the trails but they didn't create a problem for me at all. As usual, I hit the pool when I got home and swam some cooldown that felt good!

I ran a total of 4.8 miles and crested the mountain twice. I guess I accomplished a hill workout huh? I am signed up for a race at Bradbury next weekend. I am currently working on a scheduling conflick. After tonight, I was so fired up an enjoyed the run so much, I am going to work harder on my schedule.....perhaps I can change things a bit.

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Blaine Moore said...

Seems to me like a great practice run for the race on Sunday if you can manage to make it...