Thursday, January 27, 2011

At Least I Have Color

One thing I have going for me is that my workout graph is becoming quite colorful...whether or not I am gaining with this type of crosstraining diversity remains to be seen.

This winter I am trying to shed the one dimensional running type workout by mixing things up. My hope is that the various types will give me better stamina, better speed and less overuse injuries for the spring races.

This system allows me to workout more often without having to incorporate so many rest days and at the same time fits well with my work schedule which is usually 12 hour days.

The training and body workout parts of the workout consists of weights, cardio,boxing,plyometrics, balance and core. Not all the same every night, but mixing things up. All of the treadmill runs are on a high angle of 8-10 degrees to help equalize the fact that I am not outside fighting wind resistance.

On weekends I try to get outside runs both days to keep the running legs fresh. This workout routine seems to be working well as I am not fighting as much fatigue this winter and I am have been dropping a couple pounds each week.

By spring I should be in good running/racing shape......At least that is what I keep telling myself.

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trailgrrl said...

What a varied workout you have for yourself...boxing..hmmmI have always wanted to really try this as a sport..but I fear someone would slip and break my nose ; ) Ahh the colors of your training plan remind me of spring cheers me to see it both in terms of an analogy of where the season is going and the hope we all have to make it to that first spring run in the best shape we can after a long cold snowy are well on your way!!