Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I usually put on a few pounds in the winter months and successfully shed them back off in the spring, it is a total of about ten pounds. For some reason in 2010 I didn't shed the winter weight by maybe a few pounds or so. Not sure why and when I looked at January 2011 compared to the last 8 January's, I was a bit surprised....this year was the heaviest of all.

I decided to work a bit harder, do the unthinkable and watch my calories some. I get plenty of exercise so that is not my problem.......eating is. I think by paying a little more attention to my diet (I am getting older) I should be fine.

My hope is to get down to my racing weight I was back in 2001-2003. It seems part of my speed disappointment would be curbed if I dropped the extra weight. Most people would probably not notice the difference, but to me 10-15 pounds is huge when it comes to performance.

I am already back down to my normal January weight and I have only been working at this for 3 pretty happy about the steady progress. I am not in a huge hurry as I think the slower one loses, the longer it stays off. I think of it more like a tweak in my eating habits, not taking anything I like not a diet so much as a controlled eating.

I am determined and I hope that 2011 will bring some type of PR, though missing my first snowshoe race cost me a new PR already. If nothing else, at least trimming up and working on speed will help me keep up better when running with the Trail Monsters.

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