Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I went Snow shoe running on the power lines behind my house Sunday. I found a real problem after crossing route 9. There was an orange fence across the trail and a sign that stated the power lines were shut down.

This seemed crazy but I remembered back last summer the president of the ATV club was kicked out and they had a big fight about it at the time. Apparently he lives next to this part of the power lines and he somehow convinced CMP that riding ATVs and Snowmobiles here was a safety issue.

CMP closed the trails from pole 65 to pole 84 .......the hazard was snowmobiles crossing a private road, visibility and such. That doesn't make sense, if it is a hazard at one road intersection, wouldn't it be a hazard at most or all?

I crossed the forbidden line and continued up the power lines but without the luxury of a packed snowmobile track for about 3/4 of a mile. Then I reached pole 84 and the trail opened back up and was perfectly packed and fast.

This was a perfect morning as there was a constant floating snow that gave the feeling of being in one of those snow globes that you shake up. Amazing how gently the large flakes were. It was as if they had no care in the world, just floating to their eventual destination.

It was perfect, the temps were not bad, the Tubbs snowshoes again working fantastic while running. They didn't hit my ankles or shins, they flexed on the uneven sections without causing me to lose my footing or put pressure on the ankles and they gripped so well on the down hills. I didn't slide at all like I do with aluminum frames.

I have to say I am pretty darn happy with the Tubbs shoes for running. Their only drawback would be when walking in deep virgin snow. I turned around at 2 miles and headed back. On the return when I got to pole 84 there was a sign that stated the residents would and are taking pictures of trespassers. It reminded me of that phrase..."can't we all just get along?"

After my snowshoe run, I got on one of the snowmobiles but not for the reason one might think. I used it to ride out to the storage shed and work on the sounds funny when I think about it, if you have to ride a snowmobile to work on the bike then it seems the timing is all wrong, but hey I do things when time permits and in the winter, there is no pressure to get things for the spring done fast.

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