Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Thought I Would Be Rested

One would think after lazing around for almost two weeks while recouping from the bruiser injury, I would be feeling all rested an raring to run up a steep mountain trail. Instead I have been feeling tired and a bit lame as if I were running hard everyday.

I can't say I haven't run at all as I did a 2.5 trot at Pineland last tuesday and I ran a 5 miler last night there also. Besides that, I have only gone for a few walks. The 2.5 did bother the knee a bit, but last night there were no problems at all and I really enjoyed the run.

Is it possible that not running can leave a body tired if it is used to running on a steady bassis? I can't think of a time that I went two full weeks without running even when I had the surgery two years ago. I guess I mistakenly thought the tired body was from running .......now I am thinking it is just the feeling of old age.

I have heard many "older" people say that their body felt a bit creaky in the mornings and they had to losen things up to start their day. I honestly thought my creakyness was from running.

I guess what this means is that I can actually train a little harder than I thought and not worry so much about rest days. Hey....if I am going to feel creaky anyway, why not get some running it while I'm at it.

One thing I did notice is the heart rate was much higher during these two runs in comparison to the pace. Of course these runs were at pineland which has a constant rolling terrain which will cause a bit higher degree of effort with no real rest.

September 21

2.46 miles @23:12 heart rate av and max 152-168
I finished this run off with a two mile walk.

September 27

5 miles @49:51 (9:59 pace) HR, 152-173
8:59......162-173 (kick8:02)


middle.professor said...

"Is it possible that not running can leave a body tired if it is used to running on a steady basis?"

Yes. Exactly like getting too much sleep (12 hours if you're used to 8, etc.). Funny how our body and mind work.

Blaine Moore said...

Not just possible but entirely likely that not running can leave you aching. If not, nobody would complain about taper madness before their marathon!

Your muscles are taking on excess oxygen that you aren't used to having available and that isn't getting used up during the daily workout.

There's a simple solution, though. Just get out and run!