Wednesday, September 8, 2010

They say it's good to have "step back" weeks mixed in with training. I guess one every forth week. I never really practiced that because my schedule is usually so erratic that I just end up getting the runs in when I can. Many times not making the weekly mileage I wished for.

Having a family with all it's obligations, working 12 hours a day and owning a house that seems to require constant attention will severely interfere with any type of normal routine.

I had a week of not running which would surely qualify for a step back week and then a week of hardly running, so two step backs in a row. I thought this might be a problem and the first run I had seemed to agree as I felt a bit tired and my heart rate was very high.

The very next day I ran two O loops at Bradbury and felt great. I ran with my two of my sons, my son in law and my daughter's puggle. The run went so well and the heart rate was stable and normal.

I don't know if this whole erratic two weeks will help me or hurt me at the Bruiser but perhaps I will know better after tonites run.


4 miles Pitloop which is a combo trail/road

35:48 (8:57 pace)



Two O trail loops 4.8 miles

1st 30:35....148-164
2nd 30:01....153-162

Felt great running today..

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Blaine Moore said...

I'm looking forward to the's gonna be a blast!

See you there.