Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Amazing How Fast Life Can Change.

In the last three weeks I haven't compiled more than 20 miles running, which is less than I usually average in one week. So, I must have had plenty of free time right?

No...I had none. I swear there is a minute sucker hanging around just waiting to scoff up every minute I tend to free up. Just like a vacuum cleaner with an endless reservoir.

Three weeks ago I ran only three miles and they were painful ones, the next week I managed 6.5 miles and though I wish I could blame it on the injury, there were many other factors that interfered and I rationalized the running interruption with thoughts of giving my knee more recoup time.

Last week I finally got in a couple good but short runs but was held back from a banner running week by an exciting event. My daughter had her baby Thursday morning and our whole world changed as we became dog baby sitters and anxious grandparents spending as much time as we could with the cutest little girl (and her parents)

This week I plan on getting back on track and coming up with some type of running plan for the fall. For some reason I am thinking a lot about running a 5k......sure I will not be very fast as I have not trained speed all year, but I can't seem to stop thinking about it.

Problem is, I will surely be disappointed with my time and wish I hadn't run it. I thought perhaps after the last three weeks, this would be a perfect time to hit some intervals. I did just that Sunday at Twin Brooks with my daughter's pup and we had a great time sprinting various distances between his need to stop and mark his territory.

I got in about 2 miles of sprinting and honestly it felt great. I suspect I will try to get in some shorter faster runs this week and see how it feels.

The one thing I noticed about twin Brooks (as I haven't been there in quite a while to run) is that it feels more like a carriage trail and seemed relatively easy compared to Bradbury or even Pineland.

Sunday 2 miles (approximately)
intervals of about 400 meters (give or take 100 meters)
time? who knows
Pace? who knows
Fun? bet!


Laurel said...

Congratulations on your new granddaughter!

Sparkplug said...

Kevin, congratulations to you guys as grandparents, and to your daughter too! I hope she and her daughter are doing well, and the birth was an easy one. What is your granddaughter's name?! Enjoy her, and don't worry, you'll be back to running regularly again soon, I'm sure :-)

vja said...

Congratulations! And the baby girl's name?

pathfinder said...

Sorry, I should have mentioned, her name is Rylee and she is very cute

Blaine Moore said...

Congratulations! That's great news.

And yes, Twin Brooks is a bit easier than Pineland or Bradbury.

RunninRob said...

Hang in there, you'll get back to 'normal' sooner or later. I have been down and out for two weeks... errr... a month, but am slowly finding my way back and may make my marathon and ultra goals happen this Fall!

Cheering you on!