Thursday, September 16, 2010

Limping In Limbo

I had hoped my knee would be doing well enough by now (Thursday) to get in a post race run and shake out the running muscles a bit. However, the knee is still pretty darn sore so I am anxiously waiting.

Being in limbo means you can't really plan or follow an existing plan. I sit at my desk daydreaming about runs I want to do but not knowing how things will shake out makes it hard to plan.

I suspect that I must have hit more than just dirt when I went down as the knee cap is very tender to touch. Right now walking is a bit of a chore after sitting for any length of time, but it is getting better each day so I am hoping to get in an easy run this weekend.

All and all, I am very pleased with my Bruiser race even though I found out personally why it is called the bruiser!!!


vja said...

Sorry to hear you're still feeling the knee. Remember my fall there last Nov? I was almost a month recovering. Hope you make out better!

chris mcpeake said...

hope the knee is okay. congrats on the race