Friday, September 3, 2010

It Sucks To Have Nothing To Report

I can't believe I haven't run for a week......yeah.crazy huh? How could something like this happen.

Oh, I had plenty of plans and alternate plans and backup run, but it didn't happen. I can't think of a week of disruption and chaos worse than this one.

To top it all off, even though I should be rested, I am instead quite run down and tired.

At least I can say I had quite a bit of swimming and other physical activities that can be labeled cross training.

I spent Saturday ripping a skylight out of my Mother's roof which I thought would only take one day and allow me to get my long run in on Sunday. Well I didn't get it done and ended up working on it all day Sunday.

It was very draining as first of all roofing is hard work to begin with, then throw in the 90 degree temps and you have very tired guy. So, no run on the weekend and with how I was feeling, I cherished the thought of using Monday as a rest day.

Tuesday I ended up working late but that was OK because I was still a bit lame from the weekend and decided I would get a good Bradbury run on Wednesday. I figured then heat wouldn't matter much because I would be in the woods out of the direct sunlight. Wednesday I get a call from my daughter and she needs help moving her furniture to a new place.....well no run but the lifting, carrying and climbing to the second floor would surely qualify as a cross training workout.

It qualified all right as I was still beat Thursday during work and that combined with the stagnant air convinced me to skip the run again......I did however accomplish cooling off and working out with some laps in the pool.

Now, here I sit Friday morning at work, wondering how this week has affected me. Did the lack of running set me back at all or perhaps the extra physical activities allowed key muscles to rest up while still getting a pretty good workout.

I suspect I will find out Saturday as I am planning a long run......I hope

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middle.professor said...

No the week off won't hurt your fitness but might make you lethargic - which you seem to be experiencing. Get a short quick run in early this week and you will be Bruiser ready