Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Hill Running

Hill running at Bradbury, 5 miles running pretty much all the trails to the summit. I wanted to try and run everything plus work on faster downhill running. I started fairly easy to get warmed up and picked up speed as the run progressed.

I really wanted to run the whole way but the summit trail kicked my butt again. I came down off the south trail just smoking and the downhill felt great. At the bottom of the Summit trail I was running pretty good but the further up the hill I progressed the slower I went, until I was just climbing when I hit the rock out cropping.

I just didn't have it in me to run at that point......my brain was saying yes but my body just wouldn't listen. Once I crested though and started running down the other side I felt good real quickly.

Mile three I crested the summit again then I decided to pick it up for the last two miles (which is mostly down hill anyway.) I felt great in the last mile and really let it all hang out on the last 3/4 mile downhill.

5 miles @53:17 (10:40p)
No heart rate monitor today.

I used Friday for a rest day and on Saturday it was pretty heavy rain all day. I had planned on geting a run in but only accomplished a 3/4 mile lap swim in the pool. I set my sights on Sunday for a 12 mile practice run with a new trail runner who is signing up for the Bruiser.

Bradbury mountain East Side Trails.........turn left until you become tired, then turn right.


Ran Bradbury Bruiser. As usual I struggled a bit on some of the intersections (it shouldn't be that confusing and a lot of the maps are missing) but I think in the end I did OK. The day was perfect as it was quite cool at 7:15 Am and didn't really start heating up until the run ended.

I was expecting some mean bugs because of the rain Saturday and the wetness this morning but actually only one area was bad. I convinced Mike (the new trail runner) to let me lead and to accept the "too slow" feeling start.

He was reluctant but fell in behind me. I tried to convince him that he would thank me in the end. The first 10 miles went fantastic. we picked up the intensity a little bit through those miles and he was having a great time.

I think he had a pretty good 10 mile run in him but the O trail took it's toll and he suffered severely. I don't think he hydrated enough and even though I tried to talk him into bringing water (he refused) I tried sharing mine with him, which he finally accepted in about mile eight.

The O brought on some cramps in his legs and he was reduced to a lot of walking. This was a great trainning and test for him. I figured if he finished this run and still wanted to sign up for the bruiser......he deserved to run it.

The O trail can do that to even very good runners, it sucks the life right out of your body. I always try to leave a little energy for the finish of this course. I left him in the O trail and ran my pace. He wanted to make himself go it alone as that is what he would have to do in a race. Well he didn't give up and made it to the end. I was impressed.

Our plan is to run a double O trail sometime next week to give him (and me) some more running on this extremely technical trail. I think It's a good plan.

12.3 miles @2:47:10(13:35p)
Didn't get splits, HR..135-154
Mike's time 2:55:11 (14:14p)

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