Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Easy Run For Enjoyment


I decided to just stay around home and do an easy run for enjoyment. It has been quite a while since I ran on the trails around my house so I thought "why not"
Though the route I took is not all trail, it is a very good mix of terrain.

I started with a 3 mile loop around the rim of a pit which encompasses the water reservoir for North Yarmouth. Then I hit a dirt round with rolling hills, a large hill called "Oakhill" and it is quite a tough hill to run up.

After Oakhill I follow to a caldesac and instead of running back down the hill, I hit a fairly technical trail called The Forest Loop which is about a mile long, half downhill and half uphill.

When I reached Oakhill, I crossed the street to another trail called Sam Restich trail which is also fairly technical but quite enjoyable. This trail dumps out onto a baseball feild, which to my suprise was supporting quite a baseball game when I arrived. I think they were more suprised that I was. Suddenly I was looking right into the face of the third baseman.

At this point I crossed the street and ran on the road for a short distance to the firehouse in North Yarmouth and hit an old dirt way that once was going to be a gravel pit (but never materialized) This road/trail is as big of an uphill as Oakhill and a person knows he worked hard by the time he crests it.

At the top there is a trail to the power lines which is suprisingly quite open and there was evidence of four wheel drive vehicles through it. After it dumps out onto the power lines, the trail opens up pretty big and by this time the temp was starting to rise pretty fast.

The view for the power lines is quite beautiful and I just had to stop for a few seconds and enjoy it. After negotiating rock ledge and many up and down hills, I hit a wet spot that many ATVs had enjoyed recently.....it seemed nice to hit a little mud!

The power lines cross an old railroad bed behind my house and I followed that home. Unlike me, I did not wear the Garmen or the heart rate monitor today, I figured I would have to leave them home if I was going to make it an easy run.

I did have the Nano on for some musical enjoyment (this is about the only time I get to listen to my favorite stuff) Though it is not that correct in the trails (it is calibrated on roads), It did give me an approximate milage and my total time running.

Approximately 9 miles

I hit the pool upon returning home and swam some laps for a decent cooldown.
A good start for a holiday weekend..

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