Thursday, September 24, 2009

Am I Too Tired Or Did I Eat Lead For Lunch?


Went to Twin Brooks to practice the course and to try and get my speed going for the Craig Cup 5k. At first I planned a 5 mile speed run with the hopes of maintaining an 8 minute pace or maybe a bit better.

Well, Murfy's law is always lurking around the corner and this night it decided to pay a visit. You see, I think I am pretty smart, I don't like carrying the truck key with me. (long story short, I lost the truck key somewhere in the woods at the Pineland 25K two years ago and vowed to never run with my keys again.)

So, I leave my large wad of keys in the truck cab and I have a hidden door key in the back of the cap. It works real well.....except for this one time. Sometime in the last couple of days I locked the rear cap door, I guess I forgot and never unlocked it.

You can guess what happened, I jumped out of the truck, locked my doors and went to the back to put my water bottle in there......well the cap door was locked! OK, I have no tools, my phone is still in the cab and no one is around. What a way to start a run.

I figured because of the short window of time before dark, I better find a way to get the key while I could still see, so running first was out of the question unless I just ran home for some tools.

I did finally get into the truck and I still had time for the run, though I am sure I was not quite as relaxed as I wanted after the ordeal. I won't go into the details because then all of you would know how to get into my truck.

Now that problem one was solved, I hit problem was damn humid out and I could feel it right from the start. The first mile really sucked and I was pretty sure that someone (maybe Murfy again) put lead in my legs and butt....boy was I dragging.

My first mile came in at about 7:45 and there was no way I was going to maintain that for four more miles! I decided to do 2 mile repeats and finish with a one mile cooldown run. The more I thought about this during mile two, the easier it was to decide to stop and recover.

I did managed a 7:58 average pace for the first 2 mile but my lungs were whimpering and whinning for more air and my whole body was just plain dead. I decided to suck it up and try to run a faster second 2 mile.

It was not in the cards tonight as my second two mile was much worse and I only averaged a 8:05 pace. I guess I need to train a bit more before I can feel fast...
All I felt during this run is hot,slow and tired.

If things don't get better, I suspect my Craig Cup 5k will be quite dissapointing. I am actually hoping that my problem was the humidity and the next run there will feel great!! I guess one can hope ...right?

Total run 5 miles

2 miles @15:55 (7:58p) 145-162 (ahr/mhr)
2 miles @16:09 (8:05p) 154-162
1 mile @9:00 147-154


Skipped track because I had surgery Monday (was still a guite sore)and walked (briskly) for 2 miles.......does that qualify as a workout?


Laurel said...

I used to be famous for locking my keys in the car when I ran. I once locked my keys AND my running shoes in my car right before a half marathon. Thanks to USM security, I made it to the starting line just as the gun went off! That close call seems to have cured me of the habit.

Dana said...

My run on Wednesday wasn't very good either. I think I'm going to blame most of that on the humidity, but I was pretty tired as well.

middle.professor said...

Glad to see you running the Craig Cup! Twin Brook sucks the wind out of everyone; it's a deceptively hard course.